The Chair Centre Advantage

This compilation features The Chair Centre unique chair designs from our extensive furniture range.

Ergonomic Characteristics

All our Chairs offer lumbar (backbone) support for the users especially for extensive/long periods.

Adaptive parts
  • Retractable seats & worktops ensures effective space management when not in use. In addition, circulation is enhanced as folded seat and worktops allows for easy passage of users.
  • Fixed seats and worktops is an option when desired.
  • Benches can be bolted to floor to ensure stability and to discourage mobility to prevent the distortion of arrangement
  • Preferred colour choices can be used for wood and metal parts.
After Sales Service

Dedicated team of seasoned technicians available for after sales service and eager to respond to any challenges that may arise in the usage of our furniture.


We have a factory and the capacity to reproduce any of our products within short intervals. For any product purchased from us now, we would still be able to produce 10 years from now without any compromise as regards quality.


Every product with our seal on it is backed by a 3-year warranty.